scuba_dive_md_clr.gif (10687 bytes)2017 Calendar of Events:

August 23rd Regular Meeting


August 26 Local Wrecks on Great Escape:  Open Boat. Cost is $135. Palawan, Star of Scotland, and Avalon. 6 am departure. This is an open boat, sign up at the web page:


September 9th White Point/Royal Palms Picnic: : Jim is working on the details, information will be presented at the August 24 meeting.


Delta Dive: September 22 24 folks with inflatables will be going up. Alternate Date: October 20 22 no guarantee that there will be any inflatables there.


September 25 Regular Meeting


October 7th Ronald Reagan/Titanic exhibit. Contact Eric Frasco at 310-489-3495 for more details


October 25 Regular Meeting


November 3 - 5. Bottle hunting trip to Tonopah: proposing November 3 - 5. Eric will look into hotels and campsites.


November 22 Regular Meeting


December 2nd  or 3rd Christmas Boat Dive: . TBD. Need to see if we have enough members willing to commit, otherwise we need to skip it. Please RSVP to Eric Frasco at 310-489-3495 or  by August 24th.


No Regular Meeting in December.


Other trips (some members have signed up for some of these trips already, please consider these charters for local wreck dives) with Channel Island Dive Adventures (contact Ken Kollwitz at 1-805-469-7288):


August 12: Asante to Palawan and Avalon $150

September 23: Truth to SM1 & Gosford $150

November 4: Truth to SM1 & Gosford $150

December 10: Asante to local wrecks $135

December 16: Peace to Kelp Cutter, Peacock & Outer reefs $155


Note that all CWD dives require a CWD Waiver.  Click here for the waiver.


Prices subject to change based on fuel and other factors outside the control of CWD

 To book dives, contact our dive coordinator at (
To pay on-line with your credit card, first contact the dive coordinator for availability,
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