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This program is designed to encourage participation through CWD of a wide variety of wreck and wreck related diving activities.  The Master Wreck Diver Program is not recognized outside of CWD, but is an award bestowed upon those who have completed the following:

1. Dive a wreck or site in a river.

2. Dive a wreck or site in a lake.

3. Dive at least 2 wrecks in limited visibility conditions such as the Palmyra or Charles F. Crocker in Cat Harbor.

4. Dive at least 2 shallow wrecks exposed to surge such as the Melrose, Gregory, Dominator, or Newbern.

5. Dive at least 2 of the following deep wrecks: Valiant, Olympic, Moody or Hogan.

6. Dive an abandoned port or landing such as the Long Wharf.

7. Show proficiency using a diving reel.

8. Show proficiency using a lift bag.

9. Make a simple penetration dive in an overhead environment such as the John C. Butler, S-37, Lake Mead wrecks or the Yukon.

10. Dive a wreck or site in a foreign country or state other than California.

11. Dive at least 6 of the following wrecks: Star of Scotland, Monfalcone, Georgia Straits, Avalon, Diosa Del Mar, F.S. Loop, Winfield Scott, Gosford, Koka, Palawan, Aggi, Equator, or Peacock.

12. Make a beach wreck dive

13. Be awarded at least 1 CWD plaque in any category, any place, including most active and most outstanding.

*A site is considered any submerged wreckage or place of significance such as a landing, port, pier, sunken city, underwater dump, wharf, etc.

Qualifying CWD Members will receive the following patch and certificate:
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