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Diving, Wrecks

Sea Divers Club of Redondo. Active dive club which occasionally dives the wrecks of S. California. (

Wahoo Dive Charters The premier wreck diving site for east coast wrecks. If you want to know about the Andrea Doria and other famous east coast wrecks, go here. (

Divebums. A great site on diving in San Diego. Great info on the wrecks in Wreck Alley

San Diego Technical Divers.  This site focuses on Tech and Wreck Diving in the San Diego area.

Wreck Research.

Maritime Heritage Project Gold Rush Ships. (

The United States Naval & Shipbuilding Museum and USS Salem. Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships Online.  (

Pirates. ( (

Institute of Marine Archaeological Conservation. A real comprehensive source on Maritime Conservation information.

ProSea. A site to explore to find out the TRUTH on what the Government is up to to restrict our access to wrecks.

Japanese Minisub.  Great pictures and video of the recently discovered Japanese mini-sub sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Maritime Museums

San Diego Maritime Museum.  (

Historical Diving Society Home Page.  (

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. (

NMMA Homepage. (

San Francisco Maritime Museum

Diving, General

Advanced Diver Magazine. Good articles on wrecks around the world.

DUI. Long time in quality dry suits. Great for wearing around wrecks (

California Diving News. A great periodical that is chock full of what is happening on diving in S. California. Also creator and driving force of the huge and informative yearly west coast diving show. Its a must event to do. (

USA Scubaschools. A very nice site describing what they have to offer in training. (

ScubaDuba. A great pathway to world wide scuba sites. Links to everywhere (

LA county Scuba Diving Resources. A comprehensive on diving in the los angeles area. (

Reef Scuba  A great source for all kinds of specialized diving gear.

Dive Catalina  A great site for information on wreck diving at Catalina. Check out his map

Best Publishing  A publisher of a wide range of books on wreck diving, diving medicine, and other general topics

Diving, Technical

Cisatlantic. This site gives you complete programs on learning about trimix. (

Diving, Training

LA County Underwater Instructors Association. Here is where to go to get that advanced training to make you a confident and superb diver. Offers Advanced Diving  and Instructor training programs. Many of Southern Californias divers have done it. Definitely one of the best training programs around.


The Adventurers' Club. A great place to meet and hear stories of various world adventureres. (