Catalina Harbor

Its safe anchorage well known, this map of Catalina Harbor was drawn back in 1853.

Several movies have been filmed at Catalina Harbor, dating back to the turn of the century.  The most notable film was the 1926 production of Old Ironsides, were the south point of the Harbor (near Pin Rock) was turned into the port of Tripoli with the construction of giant sets.  Several of this films left behind the burned out and blown up hulks used in the making of the movie.  There are at least six known wrecks in Cat Harbor.

Many ships were blown up for the silver screen, some of which still remain on the bottom of Cat Harbor.  The following map was drawn by Bill Oleson, showing the location of the wrecks back in 1952.

Courtesy of Bill Oleson

Inner Catalina Harbor has four wrecks:
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Ningpo Margaret C. Charles F. Crocker Palmyra

Outer Catalina Harbor has two wrecks:

Dauntless S. N. Castle