Margaret C.

Other Names: Date of Sinking: c.1926
Rig/Type: 2 masted schooner, later a barge Cause of Sinking: Blown up for movie, later beached and burned
Length: 69' Breadth: 25' Tons: 58 Cargo: None
Built: 1889 in San Francisco Location: Catalina Harbor
Hull Construction: Wood Coordinates:  See Catalina Harbor
Depth: 0-3' Visibility: 3'+

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The Margaret C. in Newport Harbor.

Although little is known about the Margaret C., the tiny schooner served San Francisco Bay for many years.  Unlike other scow schooners of her day, she was round in bilge and had a sharp bow. Some time in the early 1920s, she was purchased by Olaf Olsen for use as a fishing barge off Redondo Beach.  She later stared in the movies, and eventually wound up as a derelict in Catalina Harbor.  Her last owners were listed as M.L. Bemis of San Gabriel and C.O. Weaver of Los Angeles.  A note dated 5/3/1933 states "Reported blown up off Catalina Harbor 7 yrs ago in making moving picture."

The ship in background is the Nanuk, appearing as the Hispaniola for the MGM movie Eskimo.  The wreck in the foreground is believed to be the Margaret C.

For more information, see Catalina Harbor

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