Southern California Shipwrecks

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--listed by name--

The following is a list of shipwrecks frequented by divers from Pt. Conception to the Mexican border, including Lake Mead and Lake Tahoe.  Click on the wreck for more information. Those with the icon:  have video files attached.

14 Minute Wreck Fuller Nippon Maru
7 Minute Wreck Gambler NOSC Tower
Ace I Georgia Olympic II
Aggie Georgia Straits Palawan
American Boy Goldenhorn Palmyra
Avalon Gosford Peacock
Barges Gratia Retriever
Butler Gregory Ruby E.
Caissons Harvard S. P. Lee
Catalina Harbor High Seas S-37
Cement Batch Plant Hogan Sacramento
Chauncey Honda St. Croix
Centennial Humble SM-1 Santa Rosa
Charles Brown Jane L. Stanford Shooter's Fantasy
Charles F. Crocker Johanna Smith Star of Scotland
Chickasaw John C. Butler S.N. Castle
Cleo St. Barge Koka SM-1
Crown Of England Lahaina SueJac
Cuba La Jennelle Tortuga
CWW 26 LCM3 Tuna Clipper
Dauntless Lazy Daze UB-88
Delphy Makassar Strait Upside Down Wreck
Diosa Del Mar Margaret C. Valiant
Dominator Marineland Wreck Woodbury
Dories Melrose Workboat
El Rey Minesweeper (1) Wreck Alley
Equator Minesweeper (2) White Pt. Wreck
Elsie I Monfalcone Winfield Scott
Fremont Moody Yankee Blade
F.S. Loop Newbern Young
February 19th Wreck Nicholas Yukon
Foss 125 Ningpo