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Other Names: Date of Sinking: September 12, 1892
Rig/Type: Four-masted bark Cause of Sinking: Stranding
Length: 268' 6" Breadth: 40' 2" Tons: 1914.78 Cargo: Coal
Built: Russell and Co. of Greencock, Scotland, 1883 Location: Santa Rosa Island
Hull Construction: Iron
Depth: 15-30' Visibility: 5-30'

A four masted, iron hulled bark, built in Scotland in 1883, she ran aground on Santa Rosa Island in a heavy fog September 12, 1892. Carrying a full load of Australian coal bound for San Pedro, California, she soon broke apart and was a total loss. Today her remains lay scattered in 15 to 30 feet of surgy water on the seaward side of the island. Due to the surge, she can only be dove in the calmest of seas. 

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A scatter diagram of the Goldenhorn (courtesy U.S. National Park Service).

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