American Boy

Other Names: ex-Bremen Date of Sinking: 11/28/1956
Rig/Type: Commercial Fishing Cause of Sinking: Fire
Length: 79.3' Breadth: 22.6' Tons: 130 Cargo: Unknown
Built: Los Angeles, CA 1930 Location: One mile West of Malibu Dock
Hull Construction: Wood Depth: 70' Visibility: 5-15'

Prior to becoming the American Boy, it was named the Bremen.

The American Boy in San Pedro.


Scenes of the American Boy fishing.

               The American Boy wrecked and was dry-docked, providing a photo opportunity.  Thanks goes to Richard Chikami for providing the photos.


Not much is known about this wreck or its history, other than it was a commercial fishing boat that burned off Malibu about 9:30 PM on November 26, 1956 with no loss of life.  The wreck rests in about 70'. Given that it burned and its wood construction, little of the wreck remains today

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