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Winfield Scott

Other Names: Date of Sinking: December 1, 1853
Rig/Type: Sidewheel Passenger Vessel Cause of Sinking: Stranding
Length: 225' Breadth: 34' 8" Tonnage: 1,291 Cargo: Passengers, gold specie and bullion
Built: Westervelt and MacKey of New York, 1850 Location: Anacapa Islands
Hull Construction:  Wood (with iron braces) Depth:10-20' Visibility:5-50'

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Diver between paddle wheel rims Another view of paddle wheel

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Various pieces of wreckage can be found at the site.

Top view of the paddle wheel shaft.

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The Paddle Wheel Shaft Support is a prominent feature.

General Winfield Scott

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A wreck scatter diagram of the Winfield Scott (courtesy U.S. National Park Service)

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