February 19th Wreck

Other Names: Minesweeper Date of Sinking: Unknown
Rig/Type: USN Minesweeper Cause of Sinking: Unknown
Length: 136' Breadth: 24.4' Tons: Cargo: Unknown
Built: Unknown, possibly WWII era Location: Off Long Beach
Hull Construction: Wood Depth: 75-80' Visibility: 10'

On February 19, 1978 the California Wreck Divers were out to dive on the February 14th wreck (aka Johanna Smith) on the Scuba Queen, with Pete Greenwood at the helm.  A bump appeared on the fathometer, and down the divers went, thinking they were diving the Johanna Smith.  To their surprise, the came across a unknown wood wreck, with portholes, ceramic cups with "USN" and signs of gray paint.

Today, the identify of the wreck remains unknown.    


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