Other Names: Date of Sinking: Unknown
Rig/Type: Scow (square) barge Cause of Sinking: Unknown, likely intentional
Length: 85' Breadth: 23' Tons: Unknown Cargo: None
Built: Unknown, c.1900 Location: Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
Hull Construction: Wood Depth: 5-40' Visibility: 20-50'
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A marker placed when the site became California's first underwater park. Note that all wrecks in both state and federal parks are deemed as "historic."

Large drift pins were used to hold the timbers together

Inside the barge, looking upwards at the deck planks.

One of the corners of a barge. Note the post.

A diver explores the barge.

Top view, showing the center where the hogging trusses meet.


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