Cement Batch Plant

Other Names: Date of Sinking: c.1937-8
Rig/Type: N/A Cause of Sinking: Flooding, created by Hoover Dam
Length: N/A Breadth: N/A Tons: N/A Cargo: N/A
Location: Lake Mead
Construction: Concrete Depth: 25' and less Visibility: 10'-40'

The batch plant has been described as being used as a water settling tank, however, the post in center supported an arm that spun around, possibly for mixing concrete during the construction of Hoover dam.  Approximately 80' in diameter with walls rising 10 off the bottom, the "batch plant" is fairly barren will little details.  At the base of the tank, a drain can be found and further down the hill, lies rock piles, machinery and a railroad bed, all remnants of the dam's construction.

The batch plant was at 80' in years past when the dam was at its height.  However, as of 2004 the lake has significantly dropped and the walls of the batch plant are now exposed.

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