Other Names: Date of Sinking: July 2, 1949
Rig/Type: Commercial Fishing Cause of Sinking: Stranded
Length: 92.9' Breadth: 26.6' Tons: 238 Cargo: Unknown
Built: Tacoma, Washington 1949 Location: Anacapa Island
Hull Construction: Wood Depth: 45-55' Visibility: 15-40'

The owner and captain of the new Equator, Nick Trutanich, was heading back from Central America with a fresh catch of frozen fish early in the morning.  When some 150 yard from the island, the boat struck a rock and quickly sank in 30' of water.  Few remains of the wreck can be found between 25-40' of water, suggesting the site was thoroughly salvaged.  The most notable part of the wreck--large brass prop and shaft--came to rest inside a nearby sea cave.


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