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Humble SM-1

Other Names: Date of Sinking:
Rig/Type: Cause of Sinking: Foundered
Length: Breadth: Tons: Cargo:
Built: Location: West of Santa Barbara
Hull Construction: Steel Depth: Visibility:

Also known as the Oil Barge Wreck, she was originally a U.S. Navy landing ship, the LSM 251, built in San Pedro, California during WWII and decommissioned in 1950. For the next six years she served as a coastal freighter under private ownership. In 1956 she was purchased by the Humble Oil Company and converted into an oil drilling rig, probably the first of its kind. On the 25th of November 1961 she was anchored south of Government Point (north of Santa Barbara). A sudden storm blew up, creating heavy seas that swamped the open stern, flooding all compartments. The SM-1 sank at anchor with no loss of life. She now lies upside down in 80' of water. It is an interesting dive where you can literally swim down into the moon hole through which the drilling pipes were lowered. It is only for experienced divers as currents can be strong. One should be very careful during penetration dives. Since the wreck is upside down, it's easy to get disorientated. 

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