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Other Names: Date of Sinking: 1977
Rig/Type: Cause of Sinking: Intentional for use as artificial reef.
Length: 441' Breadth: 57' Tons: 14,250 Cargo: None
Built: 1944 Location: Redondo Beach
Depth: 110' Visibility: 20'

This large, steel-hulled ship was substantially dismantled prior to being sunk as an artificial reef. The entire superstructure was removed, as well as the engines. Basically all that remained was a giant hull, divided into a number of compartments. In the middle of the hulk is the former engine room, identified by a row of large valves along both sides against the outer wall. The depth on the engine room is usually 124 feet.

The landmark fishing barge Isle of Redondo was anchored over the Palawan for many years; as a result, there is a lot of monofilament around the wreck, and many lead fishing weights are strewn about. There are lobster and usually ling cod here. The sheer size of the wreck makes this a very interesting spot.

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