Charles Brown

Other Names: Date of Sinking: April 21, 1932
Rig/Type: Fishing barge, former schooner Cause of Sinking: Stranding
Length: 87' Breadth: Tons: Cargo: None
Built: 1904 in Japan as the Tokai Maru Location: Laguna Beach
Hull Construction: Wood Depth: 10-15' Visibility: 5-15'


This photo is believed to be of the Charles Brown, a little known fishing barge moored off Laguna Beach.  Between April 20-22 of 1932, a storm raged along the coast sending four fishing barges aground: the Gratia, Melrose and Thomas P. Emigh. All ended up as total losses..

The Charles Brown was built as the Tokai Maru in Japan and launched in 1904. She was two-masted schooner, built for sealing.  Confiscated in Alaska for poaching, she first worked as barge under Olaf Olsen in Santa Monica, c.1926.  She changed hands and at the time of her loss, was owned by Dent E. Paxton and Jack and Ralph Tubbs

That was until the big storms of April 1932. On April 20 she was ripped from her mooring and ended up on the rocks off Laguna Beach, CA.


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